Dactylo IBM (Illustre Bombardier Mombombo)

Here is the video alluded to in the former post: "Mombombo Dominé" by Lita Bembo & Stukas Boys, featuring the ecstatic guitar solo played by Jacques Bongo Wende aka Dactylo aka Dactylo IBM (Illustre Bombardier Mombombo). Dactylo great part starts at 1'36''. The spontaneous dance moves are also highly enjoyable, as is the excellent camera work.

This is a fragment of a whole TV show recorded by the band I guess in the Congolese television studios back in the 1970s. Other songs from this show can be found on Youtube. All of them are actually taken from a killer DVD release that also compiles fantastic video documentation about Trio Madjesi. This is a 100% fresh upload.

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