Jabrane M. Sebnat: Meditation of the Directions

Best chill out tape ever. This 90 min masterpiece - musically reminiscent of the most relaxing and dreamy Ashra recordings - will teach you the secrets of deep breathing.
It is the story of nine simple movements. They were received in dream-time by a young explorer from the Atlas mountains, a long time ago. The movements were among many other things that converged together to help him heal a terminal illness. After recovering, the young explorer set himself free to travel and experience the world. A Sufi master from Morocco, Jabrane Mohamed Sebnat lived in Sweden and traveled to France from time to time. Hear his beautiful, slowly growing guitar solos and haunting keyboard lines. Ripped from a Christmas limited bootleg rerelease put out by very dear friends of mine, this tape actually sounds like a demo version of the 1994 album that is available on CD.

Jabrane Sebnat received the inspiration for this meditation in the beginning of the eighties. Today many people around the world are enjoying practicing it. This meditation combines elements from the Sufi, the Americain Indian and the Taoist traditions. Balance, orientation, clarity and peace are the results of the daily practice of the directions meditation. To receive the description of the movements for this meditation, our catalogue and the programme of our activities, please write to Alifia International. Box 12067, S-24502 Hjärup Sweden. Tel: + 46 40 46 15 17. Fax: + 46 40 46 40 42