4 Rappers here, and the fifth is El Señor

This is an amazing piece from Guayaquil, the largest and meanest city of that crazy country called Ecuador. Lirica Oscura is a hip hop band from the slum suburbs. I do not know much about them yet, but I hope that in the near future I’ll find some more of their wicked (very wicked) music.

And a big thank you to the Ecuadorian author Fernanda Toscano for making me discover this!!!!


King Sturgav Sound System Tape

Life is one big road with a lot of signs.

From the higher spheres of Music City Green Hills Area comes this original tape recording of King Sturgav featuring Uroy, Tenor Saw, Yami Bolo, Josey Wales and Joe Lickshot circa 1985. 12 tracks including: "Standing in my way", "Original spirograph", "Rip it mi friends", "Life is one big road with a lot of signs", "Run come call me", "Breaking up is too hard / Sweet Charly Jones", "Waiting for forever", "Let up multiply", "Singing from a ghetto post", "Security ring" and more. Encoded in wm audio format, playable in almost every media player though. Be sure to check this one!


Dancing Around The Teapot

Afghani Music Recorded by Lowell Sheehy for Charles Armikhanian's Ode to Gravity

I am amazed by Afghan music. I have never listened to sounds that are able to reconcile the most opposed feelings in such manner. They are rough and spontaneous like a dream punk band can be and simultaneously, they suggest deep feelings of graciousness and tranquility as a smooth raga.

I find this dutar music extremely touching. It comes from a world that seems to have vanished, only leaving small traces like the recording of this incredible party. Charles Armikhanian is a musician with a fascinating body of work and in the 1970’s he had a radio program called ‘Ode to Gravity’. Happily, a good number of these broadcasts is available on www.archive.org. I researched the name Lowell Sheehy, but it seems that he has not made other field recordings beside the one presented here.



Eba Aka Jérôme - "Trahison"

Wonderful of Africa Eba Aka Jerome et le Sanwi Star - Trahison (Papa-Disco, Côte d'Ivoire, 1978, 12"). Face A: "Trahison".

Voici la magnifique plage titre de ce 12" sorti en 1978 sur le label Papa-Disco d'Abidjan, et n°1 de l'année en Côte d'Ivoire. Vingt minutes de guitare chicotée, pour une des plus belles chansons jamais écrites sur l'infidélité... Dedicated to DJ Snack Attack.