Hello. May we recommend this tape to you? Bafoulabé was recorded and mixed by Gerard Herman from FM Radio recordings made in Senegal and Mali during the Winter of 2013. It's just been released by Social Harmony in an edition of 50 copies (and in an unlimited digital edition)... So I guess you'd better act fast if you need the physical thing (which looks great, by the way). There's a 3'34'' fragment on their website - that I can't embed here for some reason that remains a mystery to me. All info here: http://socialharmony.bandcamp.com/album/bafoulab


DJ Bongo Man: Legon Flutes... now with riso-printed cover

DJ BONGO MAN: Legon Flutes

Our last copies of this tape come with a riso-printed cover by Lawrence Le Doux! The price is unchanged: 5 EUR. Just a handful of copies available but we have a few extra riso covers. If you already bought the tape and would just like to get the riso cover, please get in touch.

Details: http://m-u-s-i-c-c-i-t-y.blogspot.be/p/bongo-man.html
Orders, requests: lanouvellecite@gmail.com


June 6, 2015: Above The High Rays

If you happen to be in Brussels, Belgium this Saturday June 6, 2015, this is not to be missed...

Saturday 06.06.2015 | 8PM 
BOZAR | Ravensteinstraat 23 | 1000 Brussels 

In the fantastic and poetic gem PARIS QUI DORT, a few people wander through a deserted city, put to sleep by a mysterious ray. This film by René Clair from 1923 will be accompanied by live music from Miaux, the electronic and melancholic project of Antwerp based musician Mia Prce. The screening will be preceded by three rare and precious works: ACCENT GRAVE ON ANANAS, a colourful film poem by Tamara Henderson, featuring an enigmatic and funny object & fruit choreography; KRIK, shot by Ivko Šešić among the lions of the Belgrade Zoo, built in a medieval fortress; and TWIST TWIST, where the shimmering light on the surface of the sea is rocked hard by Ante Verzotti.

On the occasion of this evening, the Antwerp label Ultra Eczema publishes a tape with the music composed by Miaux for PARIS QUI DORT: ABOVE THE HIGH RAYS.

ACCENT GRAVE ON ANANAS - Tamara Henderson (US/CA, 2013, 16mm, loop, 3’, sound: Dan Riley).
KRIK - Ivko Šešić (YU, 1978, 16mm, 9’, music: S. Habić).
TWIST TWIST - Ante Verzotti (YU, 1962, 16mm, 3')
PARIS QUI DORT - René Clair (FR, 1923, 16mm, 34’, silent film) & Live Soundtrack: Miaux.


Salto Mortale: "Eabuaba" tape finally available

Mixtape / C48 / 5 €   sold out
Orders: lanouvellecite@gmail.com

"I first heard Francesco Cavaliere under his Salto Mortale sobriquet on a Summer night of 2011 at the O-tannenbaum club in Berlin. Although he only played about three tracks on that night totting up to around 12 minutes, these were more than enough to make it one of the most exciting sets I ever witnessed  and you can mark my words here. Salto Mortale plays arab music on tapes  un mix di cose trovate nei negozzi e kebab places libanesi, ci sono cose fine anni 60, anni 80, cose from Iraq, Lebanon, Egitto, due cose turche e un o due pezzi di Meixana (battle di stornelli dal' Azerbaijan, spesso cose che fanno per i matrimoni) – but his unique signature relies on the special setup and personal techniques he has developed in relation to the music and the medium. No tape gimmick or cassette fetishism here. Salto Mortale shapes his sound by swiftly shaking the cassette players, speeding up or slowing down the pace, casting spells, proclaiming names and telling stories in between tracks. This tape might be the most exciting Music City release to date". (DJ Bongo Man)

More info here, including a visionary narrative by DJ Bonzai Tarzan.


Najim Aghrib / Pat Weld / DJ Salto Mortale / DJ Natãs de Deus

06/03/2015, 20:00
The Student, 76 Rue des Palais, 1030 Bruxelles






“Les gens de ce village étaient fiers de descendre des criminels déportés du temps de Pierre le Grand, et les rues portaient le nom de leurs crimes: passage de Scélérats, des Dilapidateurs des Fonds de l'Etat, des Faux Monnayeurs... (Les habitants de Nikolskoie) faisaient partie d'une secte appelée "les sauteurs" et composaient des poèmes religieux racontant leurs essais infructueux pour s'envoler au ciel. Peu de temps avant notre arrivée, un drame s'était joué au village: ils avaient fixé le jour de leur départ et, fermement convaincus qu'ils ne seraient plus sur cette terre au matin, ils avaient distribué tous leurs biens à leurs voisins dépourvus d'ailes. Mais une fois qu'ils eurent repris leurs esprits, ils se précipitèrent pour récupérer leurs biens et une bataille terrible s'ensuivit. Les poèmes les plus récents que nous nous étions procurés racontaient comment un "sauteur" faisait ses adieux à sa ruche préférée avant de la donner. Mandelstam avait retenu ces vers par cœur et les récitait souvent: le sauteur n'avait pas envie de s'envoler au ciel, il se plaisait sur la terre où il avait ses ruches, une maison, une femme, des enfants...”

Nadezhda Mandelstam - Contre tout espoir

“And there were equally fabulous tales of a kingdom of Opona somewhere on the edge of the flat earth, where the peasants lived happily, undisturbed by gentry or state. Groups of peasants even set out on expeditions in the far north in the hope of finding this arcadia.”  

Orlando Figes – People's tragedy

“Le fond de l'histoire était que dans les montagnes du Khakhaze, sur le versant nord, impénétrable, du Saïan occidental, des géologues avaient découvert des hommes qui vivaient depuis plus de quarante ans totalement coupés du monde. Une petite famille. Deux des quatre enfants n'y avaient jamais vu d'autres humains que leurs parents et leurs aînés et ne connaissaient le monde humain que par ouï-dire.”

Vassili Peskov – Ermites dans la Taïga


In Geneva

FORDE, Coulouvrenière 11, 1204 Genève, mail@forde.ch


– Screening of BLACK MAGIC MARKER (2009, 27’40’’) by artist DANI GAL.
The voice-over of poet and reggae promoter Henry W. Targowski, who recalls his visit to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Black Ark studio in Kingston, accompanies images of Lee Perry in his current house in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.
– Discussion between DANI GAL and experimental film historian XAVIER GARCIA BARDON. Potential topics: plane crash, dub, techno-spiritualism, Babylon, arson, public housing units, ganja, black boxes, White Ark, weapons of mass destruction, William Gibson, etc.

Drinks + soup + music by DJ BONGO MAN

The evening continues at cave12 (rue de la Prairie 4, 1202 Genève) with a concert by Steve Hauschildt and a DJ set by our beloved Bongo Man.

Info: http://www.forde.ch


Black Magic Marker

Recommended viewing!

Black Magic Marker (Dani Gal, 2009, DV-video, color, sound, 27'40") 

Two major recorded events structure Black Magic Marker: the voice over of the poet and reggae promoter Henry W. Targowski, who recalls his visit to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Black Ark studio in Jamaica, and the visual depiction of Lee Perry's current house in Switzerland. Together, these two situations weave a narrative in which history and present appear inseparable.

Black Magic Marker can be viewed until June 27 on www.vdrome.org
With an introduction interview with Dani Gal by Xavier García Bardón.