Hello. May we recommend this tape to you? Bafoulabé was recorded and mixed by Gerard Herman from FM Radio recordings made in Senegal and Mali during the Winter of 2013. It's just been released by Social Harmony in an edition of 50 copies (and in an unlimited digital edition)... So I guess you'd better act fast if you need the physical thing (which looks great, by the way). There's a 3'34'' fragment on their website - that I can't embed here for some reason that remains a mystery to me. All info here: http://socialharmony.bandcamp.com/album/bafoulab


DJ Bongo Man: Legon Flutes... now with riso-printed cover

DJ BONGO MAN: Legon Flutes

Our last copies of this tape come with a riso-printed cover by Lawrence Le Doux! The price is unchanged: 5 EUR. Just a handful of copies available but we have a few extra riso covers. If you already bought the tape and would just like to get the riso cover, please get in touch.

Details: http://m-u-s-i-c-c-i-t-y.blogspot.be/p/bongo-man.html
Orders, requests: lanouvellecite@gmail.com


June 6, 2015: Above The High Rays

If you happen to be in Brussels, Belgium this Saturday June 6, 2015, this is not to be missed...

Saturday 06.06.2015 | 8PM 
BOZAR | Ravensteinstraat 23 | 1000 Brussels 

In the fantastic and poetic gem PARIS QUI DORT, a few people wander through a deserted city, put to sleep by a mysterious ray. This film by René Clair from 1923 will be accompanied by live music from Miaux, the electronic and melancholic project of Antwerp based musician Mia Prce. The screening will be preceded by three rare and precious works: ACCENT GRAVE ON ANANAS, a colourful film poem by Tamara Henderson, featuring an enigmatic and funny object & fruit choreography; KRIK, shot by Ivko Šešić among the lions of the Belgrade Zoo, built in a medieval fortress; and TWIST TWIST, where the shimmering light on the surface of the sea is rocked hard by Ante Verzotti.

On the occasion of this evening, the Antwerp label Ultra Eczema publishes a tape with the music composed by Miaux for PARIS QUI DORT: ABOVE THE HIGH RAYS.

ACCENT GRAVE ON ANANAS - Tamara Henderson (US/CA, 2013, 16mm, loop, 3’, sound: Dan Riley).
KRIK - Ivko Šešić (YU, 1978, 16mm, 9’, music: S. Habić).
TWIST TWIST - Ante Verzotti (YU, 1962, 16mm, 3')
PARIS QUI DORT - René Clair (FR, 1923, 16mm, 34’, silent film) & Live Soundtrack: Miaux.