They fiercely hated capitalism and colonialism and immoderately loved psychedelic drugs. They built self-managed nations and communities devoted to the inner space exploration, they were followers of polygamy and esoteric practices. They worshipped the rhythm.. and the ministers were Tony Allen and Jaki Liebezeit. At the out side, RAF urban guerrilla rioted and the Nigerian dictatorship put down the rebellion... and Allah could have been Marxist.
Can, Faust, Fela Kuti & Africa 70, Neu!, Ofo the Black Planet, William Onyeabor, Harmonia are the stars of Krautrock and Afrobeat. It’s a journey through the sounds of a buried period, looking for improbable resemblances between seventies Africa and Germany.

Brother Massimo Carozzi worked on this mix which tries to build a bridge between krautrock and afrobeat, or better said to reveal their common core. I heard him playing it in Bologna as a warm up to Boketshu's gig and it was a perfect opening. Check it out.

Afrokraut part 1 by massimo carozzi

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