Linnea Quigley "Strange Ways" (Beverly Hills Girls)

So psyched about this one!!
Thanks to jetkust for the original VHS upload.

Taken from the girl-band lesbian soft-core porno flick Beverly Hills Girls .
The band is made up of b-movie giant Linnea Quigley on guitars and vocals, Becky Lebeau on drums and vocals, and some unknown older woman on bass.

This page has two small clips of Linnea Quigley. A toothpaste commercial and another which looks like a clip from the original music video of "Strange Ways".

Special K

Dedicated to the DJs of the World:
Dizzy K - Excuse Me Baby (1982)
Dizzy K - Be My Friend (1983)
Dizzy K - Sweet Music (1984)

Dizzy K - Traffic Jammer (1985)

From Wikipedia:

DIZZY K FALOLA is a Nigerian pop musician and gospel artiste.

EARLY LIFE AND POP CAREER. He lost his parents young. He took his undergraduate studies at the University of Ife. He met Tony Okoroji in the mid-1980s and soon began working with him. His album Baby Kilode became an instant hit. Other albums included Sweet Music and Excuse Me Baby. With Chris Okotie, Felix Liberty and Jide Obi he stimulated Nigeria's emerging music industry, but his last secular hit was African Jamboree, produced by Bisade Ologunde.

GOSPEL MUSIC MINISTRY. In 1989 he became a born-again Christian and, inspired by Ebenezer Obey, gave up a recording contract with EMI Music to turn to gospel music. He started his Christian recording in 1994. He toured with ministries through Europe and the United States, and his gospel music albums sold in the United States, Canada, Sweden, and throughout Africa. These five albums were: My Joy, Power in the Blood, The Healing Songs, I'm Blessed, Marvellous. From 2001 he began visiting Nigeria again, and in 2002 came to Lagos for the official African launch of Dizzy K Gospel Music Ministries with Centre of my Joy. He now lives in London and owns a studio that publicises youth problems. He is married with four children.

Dizzy K Falola is on Facebook


What a Feeling

Annette Brissett - "What a Feeling"

Ecstatic reggae cover of the famous
song from the film Flash Dance... and so much better than the original if you ask me! Taken from her beautiful album Love Power (Wackie's, New York, 1983).