28, 29, 30

Music Citizens will travel and congregate this weekend... Which means we have a few friendly gigs, screenings and parties to announce - including a special release party for the brand new DJ Cool Brocoli / DJ Bongo Man summer mixtape published by Stenze Quo (more info about this in the coming days). Excellent bands will be playing. Here's the schedule. Be welcome.

May 28, 21:00 (Den Haag, Villa Te Koop, Alexander Gogelweg 12)

Eklin, Fyoelk, DJ Cool Brocoli, DJ Bongo Man

May 29, 21:00 (Amsterdam, OCCII,
Amstelveenseweg 134)
Orphan Fairytale, Bertin, Cotopaxi, DJ Cool Brocoli & DJ Bongo Man (Stenze Quo mixtape release party)

May 30, 18:00 (Den Haag, The Oceans Academy of Arts,
OAOA Salon, Weimarstraat 24a)
Congo Love video programme

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