28, 29, 30

Music Citizens will travel and congregate this weekend... Which means we have a few friendly gigs, screenings and parties to announce - including a special release party for the brand new DJ Cool Brocoli / DJ Bongo Man summer mixtape published by Stenze Quo (more info about this in the coming days). Excellent bands will be playing. Here's the schedule. Be welcome.

May 28, 21:00 (Den Haag, Villa Te Koop, Alexander Gogelweg 12)

Eklin, Fyoelk, DJ Cool Brocoli, DJ Bongo Man

May 29, 21:00 (Amsterdam, OCCII,
Amstelveenseweg 134)
Orphan Fairytale, Bertin, Cotopaxi, DJ Cool Brocoli & DJ Bongo Man (Stenze Quo mixtape release party)

May 30, 18:00 (Den Haag, The Oceans Academy of Arts,
OAOA Salon, Weimarstraat 24a)
Congo Love video programme


Dj Sun Papa "Sonotron Mixtape" (An Homage to Sonoton)

Dj Sun Papa "Sonotron Mixtape" (An Homage to Sonoton) by RBDX
Shout-out to Frank Dommert from A-Musik who introduce me to Sonoton (Germany, München music library label from the mid 80s).
Shout-out to HEY! MR.MELODY, a Japanese crew who know how to screw the funk.
More on Sonoton: http://www.discogs.com/label/Sonoton



They fiercely hated capitalism and colonialism and immoderately loved psychedelic drugs. They built self-managed nations and communities devoted to the inner space exploration, they were followers of polygamy and esoteric practices. They worshipped the rhythm.. and the ministers were Tony Allen and Jaki Liebezeit. At the out side, RAF urban guerrilla rioted and the Nigerian dictatorship put down the rebellion... and Allah could have been Marxist.
Can, Faust, Fela Kuti & Africa 70, Neu!, Ofo the Black Planet, William Onyeabor, Harmonia are the stars of Krautrock and Afrobeat. It’s a journey through the sounds of a buried period, looking for improbable resemblances between seventies Africa and Germany.

Brother Massimo Carozzi worked on this mix which tries to build a bridge between krautrock and afrobeat, or better said to reveal their common core. I heard him playing it in Bologna as a warm up to Boketshu's gig and it was a perfect opening. Check it out.

Afrokraut part 1 by massimo carozzi



Chrissy Zebby Tembo & The Nkozi Family

Feeling good, feeling bad.
Are you upset in your mind?
Come back to me we stay together.
You will find peace and love.
Please baby, come back to me.
I am lonely you are lonely.
If you really love me baby,
come back to my home today.
You know that I love you.
You are lonely and I’m lonely.
Don’t feel bad feel free.
If you really love me baby, Alright!”

Wendy Sulca

Hear the sad song of Wendy Sulca, a little Peruvian girl who wants to drink beer. Many more High Definition videos on her youtube channel. Beautiful harp on all tracks. Download her full album here: Wendy Sulca: Grandes Éxitos (2010).

Wendy also recently recorded this extremely retarded, politically deeply annoying though musically powerful track for Israel together with superstars Delfin Quishpe (Ecuador) and La Tigresa del Oriente (Peru) that we aren't posting here.


Dactylo IBM (Illustre Bombardier Mombombo)

Here is the video alluded to in the former post: "Mombombo Dominé" by Lita Bembo & Stukas Boys, featuring the ecstatic guitar solo played by Jacques Bongo Wende aka Dactylo aka Dactylo IBM (Illustre Bombardier Mombombo). Dactylo great part starts at 1'36''. The spontaneous dance moves are also highly enjoyable, as is the excellent camera work.

This is a fragment of a whole TV show recorded by the band I guess in the Congolese television studios back in the 1970s. Other songs from this show can be found on Youtube. All of them are actually taken from a killer DVD release that also compiles fantastic video documentation about Trio Madjesi. This is a 100% fresh upload.


Makes it look so easy

Makes me think of the great part on the Lita Bembo dvd, which was my first introduction to the world of Congolese music videos at la maison bongo!


Crashes in Love

Just thought I'd make everyone happy with this beautiful and rare album by William Onyeabor. Crashes in Love was released in 1977 on the artist's own imprint, Wilfilms, like every of his records (all masterpieces). The album is said to have been composed as a soundtrack to a movie Onyeabor made - "a tragedy of how an African Princess rejects the love that money buys", as mentioned on the sleeve. Crashes in Love is actually William Onyeabor's first record and of course features a few mindbending tracks. Genius man.

William Onyeabor - Crashes in Love (Wilfilms, Nigeria, 1977, LP)