Kalambya Sisters 7"

The Kamba people live to the south and east of Nairobi. Their pop music is closely related to benga, but includes a second guitar that plays a melodious counterpoint to the primary guitar. The most popular Kamba pop bands arose in the middle of the 1970s. The Kalambya Sisters and their backing group, the Boys, have been popular performers in the Kamba area. (pasted from the www...)

I still feel totally stoked that i found this one a year or so ago in a dusty record store in Amsterdam.

Kenyan pop at its best!

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  2. Yes!!! Finally! :) Thank you so much for sharing this one Johann. Been hearing it so many times in your dj sets... This combination of powerful bass lines, happy guitar sounds and clear sweet vocals is fantastic. Looking forward for more of this.

  3. just heard this single is soon to be re-released on tape by the Ormolycka label http://www.ormolycka.com/ oo33 Kalambya Sisters BOOTLEG CASSINGLE ed. of 100 (will be free to "buy" only pay shipping)

  4. Magnifique!! merci! (: