Downbeat in Biltmore 1985

Forward the bass!!! This 1985 sound system tape recording features the Downbeat crew at the Biltmore Ballroom NY. Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, S Dread, Papa San, Early B, Briggy (aka Brigadier Jerry, pictured here above), Lone Ranger and Mikey Jarrett toasting it the hot way. Songs included are: "Fireworks", "Wake up in the morning", "I’m a girl watcher", "Walk on by", "It’s now or never", "I love you for sentimental reasons", "Ganja Man", "We are the children", "You don’t know what it means to be loved", "Oho here she comes", "You don’t remember me baby", "Are you coming?", "Start spreading the news", "Your face looks so good but your body ruins it". Heavy sounds from the Biltmore Era. C60 tape, two uncut 30 min tracks.

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