Joda, Malandreo y Lacreo (uno) - Hip hop and hokum hop from Venezuela

Presented by the telonero Ernesto Gonzalez (Bear Bones Lay Low):

Venezuela has several hip hop communities spread out throughout the whole country, the most documented being the one in Caracas. Here are 10 songs (+ a bonus video) {presented in three episodes, a true Music City Summer saga!} that I dig and that could appeal to the slums and suburbs of the Music City. Take out some brown rum, pour it in a cup with a lot of ice, top it off with some coke and lemon and chill out like we do in Venezuela.

I remember my big sister Dalia once brought this tape home when I was in 4th grade and we started dancing to this in our living room. Our dad stopped the whole thing as soon as he heard the lyrics "Vine a matar, vine vine a cantar" (I came to kill, I came to sing). I felt so ashamed that I ran to my room and decided never to listen to gangsta shit ever again...

One of the sleaziest hit groups during the 90's in Venezuela, with lyrics like "women want chorizo" and "Gonna fill your cube with milk". We have dirty minds in Venezuela. I never dug these guys back in the days. Too filthy.

This is the first venezuelan hip hop group I got into when I moved to Belgium around 2003/4. They're probably one of the most well-known hip hop artists in the country and this is one of my favorite tracks by them. GCK broke up not long ago over some bullshit and there are several videos and diss tracks on the internet covering the subject.

1/2 of GCK, this is by far my favorite track by this dude. The lyrics are about how corrupt cops are in Venezuela, saying that they are basically malandros (thugs) in uniform. True talk over achill beat.

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