Joda, Malandreo y Lacreo (dos) - Hip hop and Hokum hop from Venezuela

Here comes the second episode in our series focusing on Venezuelan hip hop curated by Ernesto Gonzalez aka Bear Bones Lay Low. More to come. Stay tuned.

Apache is a great lyricist and has been in the game for a long time. Here you see him walking around his barrio (hood) spitting about how fucked up our country is in 2010.

Ardilla was a well known underground MC around Caracas and he used to have feuds with Rekeson from GCK. He was killed not so long ago during a shoot out with the cops, I think.

Pure thug shit from Caracas. I like Yastrenky's rawness and low budget videos. Check out his 7 minute mini-movie he did for his song "Malandreo en Pobreza".

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