The Pirate Flava Mixes by DJ Wrongspeed
(The Grime Matrix)

The Pirate Flava. Running from May 2002 to February 2003 this weekly radio show was a 15min collage of recordings from pirate stations in London. The show was eventually forced to close following a complaint made to the then Radio Authority. This selection draws together some of the characters & musics which make up London's chaotic radio space.

1) Mega Mix
2) Talk'n'Ads
3) Old Skool
4) UK Shed Mix

Dj Wrongspeed was obsessed with the grime and Uk garage pirates, but also with all the strange community radio stations you have in London (…) He constructed these really great collages out of this babble of opinion (some of it quite outrageous and not the kind of thing you would get on the mainstream radio stations, which follow a liberal consensus (…) all kinds of profane speech or what Foucault would call “forbidden popular knowledge”.
(Simon Reynolds)

Woaw! (Fabulator)

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