Helicopter Rain in Bel Air

"Former Ecuadorian president Abdala Bucaram, is not only a tropical right wing politician, but also a rock performer and video artist. In this great song, he mainly talks about life, about helicopters, tortures and all those things that make Latin American politics a matter of life, death, bemusement and a jolly good laughter as Graham Greene used to say. Bucaram has been called "the repulsive other" by political analysts but his art exceeds these limited interpretations. The texture of his voice reminds us Howling Wolf's 'I put a spell on you' and even Louis Armstrong’s 'What a wonderful world'."

Lord Aux Chiottes, PHD in Contemporary Music, Universidad Perimetral, Guayaquil

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  1. Wow. Por algo lo llaman "el loco" Bucaram.
    Thanks for this great post!