Bubbly, Sensual, Danish.

Time for another post. The Mayor of M-U-S-I-C-C-I-T-Y kindly asked me to dig through layers of awesomeness around my home region and to post some of the most treasured audio expression there is to be found. What I found is amazing. Here is a masterpiece by Danish keyboardist/composer Tommy Seebach - the track is called "Bobble sex" and the title pretty much says it all. Excellent moog disco saused in erotic guitar jabs and horny female moans. YES. Tommy was a highly acclaimed and beloved pop musician among the Danish people who sadly had to let him go to the other side at the end of march 2003.

Extra treat. On the 12" that exists with "Bobble sex" being the B-side this track is A-side: A cheezy take on "Apache" by The Shadows... This one has an amazing music video & a great female choir.

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