Salto Mortale: "Eabuaba" tape finally available

Mixtape / C48 / 5 €   sold out
Orders: lanouvellecite@gmail.com

"I first heard Francesco Cavaliere under his Salto Mortale sobriquet on a Summer night of 2011 at the O-tannenbaum club in Berlin. Although he only played about three tracks on that night totting up to around 12 minutes, these were more than enough to make it one of the most exciting sets I ever witnessed  and you can mark my words here. Salto Mortale plays arab music on tapes  un mix di cose trovate nei negozzi e kebab places libanesi, ci sono cose fine anni 60, anni 80, cose from Iraq, Lebanon, Egitto, due cose turche e un o due pezzi di Meixana (battle di stornelli dal' Azerbaijan, spesso cose che fanno per i matrimoni) – but his unique signature relies on the special setup and personal techniques he has developed in relation to the music and the medium. No tape gimmick or cassette fetishism here. Salto Mortale shapes his sound by swiftly shaking the cassette players, speeding up or slowing down the pace, casting spells, proclaiming names and telling stories in between tracks. This tape might be the most exciting Music City release to date". (DJ Bongo Man)

More info here, including a visionary narrative by DJ Bonzai Tarzan.

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