Last Penny Soul Club

The Last Penny Soul Club was a discotheque in Kassel, Germany. During the 1970's and 80's this place seems to have been an oasis where electronic funk, rap and disco were celebrated by locals and American GI's who were stationed in the city at the time. While searching for a track by Knights Of The Turntables I found this video of DJ "Wizard" Mark Thompson which mixes "Moments In Love" by The Art Of Noise with "Techno Beats" by the aforementioned electric boogie group. What comes out is a strange ambience that blends the beauty of both tracks into some alien other dimension. Finding live footage of a night at the Last Penny in 1986 with the Party Force Crew throwing down in a Soul Train manner and freestyle rapping convinced me that this audiovisual material needs to be shared with my fellow music citizens.

A Last Penny Revival Party is taking place these days at the THEATERSTÜBCHEN, Jordanstr. 11, 34117 Kassel behind the Gloria Kino.

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