Creole Sega

Creole Sega - With Love from Seychelles - Souvenir (tape)

Many of you friends have been asking me about track # 7 on the Brocoli/Bongo mixtape: "Letemp lontemp" by Creole Sega - a true jewel indeed. Upon general request, here is the full tape that track was taken from. It's hard to tell what this mysterious thing really is (and the internet doesn't help here at all) except that the music genre featured on this cassette is called Sega from the Seychelles Islands... Is this a homemade compilation? It might be, according to the scratches that can be heard on some tracks. But from the weird balance between instruments I would just bet on a demo tape. At its best, this is pure melancholy, featuring freestyle organ solos, untuned guitar playing and sad metaphorical lyrics. I got this wonderful cassette as a birthday present from my dear friend DJ Pietcheval who found it on a flea market.

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