Avarus Quantius Et Cetera

FRIDAY 27.05.2011, 20:00
Café The Student
Rue des Palais 76 Paleizenstraat, 1030 Bruxxels
tram 92, 94, 25, 55
5 eur



Finnish free form rock unit AVARUS celebrate their 10 years of activity by embarking on a tour in continental Europe... Catch the fever! AVARUS is a highly rated entity in the realms of avant-rock, improv and free-folk. The collective from the city of Tampere consists of an ever evolving cast of musicians from the Finnish underground (active in groups such as Kiila and Kemialliset Ystävät) and have released their weirdly twisted, puzzling and exciting outings on labels such as HP Cycle, Secret Eye, Lal Lal Lal, Ultra Eczema and Arbor. The line up in which Avarus will tour Europe this spring includes several members from the scene surrounding Fonal Records, as well as Jeffrey Alexander from American bands Black Forest/Black Sea and Dire Wolves. On this tour Avarus will be joined by one-man band JARSE, a member of Shogun Kunitoki (Fonal records) and MIK QUANTIUS, who has played with legendary Kraut rockers Embryo.

This is a truly stunning package!

This is a Music City / Lexi Disques night.
The following releases will be available among many others:
ANNE LAPLANTINE: "I send you a mp3" (Lexi Disques, 7")
JAMES FERRARO: "Rapture Adrenaline" (Music City / Hundebiss, VHS)

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