Kraagistan Video Tape

My pal DJ Galapago from ECU found this VHS tape from KRG lying on a window sill next to Pizza Boom... something like... 9 years ago? Because it was NTSC it took him a while to transfer to PAL. Now here it is transcoded to MPG.

What I'd M Thfft Able has to say about this: «In 2002, i used to leave VHS with videos such as these all over downtown Portland. [...] These ones were pretty unique, instantaneous collages with whatever i had lying around, made hastily. The results were often dull, but occasionally something brilliant happened. [...] Left 'em in the library, in that little alley by 10 exchange, i opened car doors and dropped them in the drivers seat... all over the place. [...] Brendan and I did a few where we walked around Portland with a camera, went to the free box, filmed ourselves talking about and somehow using what was in the free box, then popped the tape out of the camcorder and stuck it in the free box...»

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