Foreign Correspondents

hey dear friend. how are you man! miss you! Foreign correspondents is a tape of two artists. one side, the chinese side, is ALAN TAM, a pop karaoke singer from the eighties. the other side, the slowed down bollywood music, is BAPPI LAHIRI. both of their faces are on the front Charles Berlitz

Send me to Hasselt, May 27, 2007. I see fruits and second hand books on the merch table: apples, Mayan pyramids. A few tapes too, all black and white covers except this one: Foreign Correspondents. Dream Triangle had just played and I bought this cassette from Charles. I see the cover now... Diamonds and pearls as sky patterns, washed-out vivid colors. Special faces, Photoshop software ghosts. I see an island, a dolphin heading to it - the green area, the gorgeous zone. I clearly hear the sounds now. The tape starts with one and a half track by 80s French pop band Indochine. India. China. Indochina. May 27, 2007. Space... Time... Dream... Triangles...

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