Prende la moto

More champeta... Sampled soukous guitars and Dee-lite infused video effects for this lost classic by Grupo Kussima: "Prende la moto" (Cartagena, Colombia, 1990s?). If any of our Colombian readers has more info about this, please let me know!

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  1. Dj Bongo Man,
    Champeta was a tune interpreted by the band leader Hernan Hernandez & the Group Kussima under the label Music "HAM Music" Ahumada Hernan currently living in Venezuela.
    ls artists who dance in the video I was honored to meet them in the early 90s. they practiced and performed presentations at events and private clubs, dancing and making dances in the style of Michael Jackson and were very popular in my neighborhood in southern Barranquilla, and were invited by Hernan Hernadez to participate in this Video. this song was very hit . along with others such as the songs "" "El Pato in Champeta" by other Champeta Artist, "Alvaro El Barvaro" "Las Turbinas" By Elio Boom
    visit in my blog the Albums that i presented of they:



  2. Gracias por el link Fabian! EL POLLO!!!! Genial! Great record covers also! :)