Dancing Around The Teapot

Afghani Music Recorded by Lowell Sheehy for Charles Armikhanian's Ode to Gravity

I am amazed by Afghan music. I have never listened to sounds that are able to reconcile the most opposed feelings in such manner. They are rough and spontaneous like a dream punk band can be and simultaneously, they suggest deep feelings of graciousness and tranquility as a smooth raga.

I find this dutar music extremely touching. It comes from a world that seems to have vanished, only leaving small traces like the recording of this incredible party. Charles Armikhanian is a musician with a fascinating body of work and in the 1970’s he had a radio program called ‘Ode to Gravity’. Happily, a good number of these broadcasts is available on www.archive.org. I researched the name Lowell Sheehy, but it seems that he has not made other field recordings beside the one presented here.

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