DJ Nusmonaut

DJ NUSMONAUT: Soviet Ass Buzzers 
Mixtape / C60 / SOLD OUT

Mix by Roope Eronen. Cover by Leon Sadler. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed bicolor (yellow/blue) tapes.

As remembered by DJ Bonzai Tarzan: "If in 1976 a dull looking engineer working for the Baltic division of the Soviet oil and gaz company hadn't decided to grow a spirally moustache it would have been impossible to enjoy the present selection by Dj Nusmonaut. Oriol Oriolovich Orlov developed an intense liking for repetition since early childhood. He wouldn't care to eat the same plate of steaming oatmeal every morning served by his aunt Avdotia; he loved the syncopated clicks of the rusty elevator at his home building. And, of course, he became a disciplined office clerk who grew perfectly symmetrical whiskers. A heartfelt homage to repetition and rhythm that was unconsciously misinterpreted by his coworkers and superiors. Only the half mad concierge of his Vilnius apartment block, a descendant of a Sami sorceress, understood why. Oriol's moustache looked like the upside-down horns of a demon. His colleagues nurtured an unavowable fear of a metamorphosis. OoOooOo, as they called him, was not someone to mess with, he might stand on his head and set the world ablaze. Company hierarchy and party leaders soon gave him power and responsibilities, in 1980 he became regional director. OoOooOo travelled to western Europe and discovered the metronomic beats of disco. Music and dance could be as enchanting as a long elevator journey to a planet imagined by Leon Sadler. Soon OoOooOo ordered the construction of a dancing club on an abandoned offshore platform on the Baltic Sea. Every summer from 1983 to 1995 there were week long raves with the most inspired and hypnotic Dj, you could almost see his whiskers spin."

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