Summer Mixtape 2010 (MP3 version)

One year later... Here is the MP3 version of the Stenze Quo Summer Mixtape 2010 featuring DJ Cool Brocoli & DJ Bongo Man.

Summer is here! 90 minutes of heatwave jams by these two Music City inhabitants. On the A-side Brocoli is mixing primal hip hop gems on the edge between disco and rap. Slick productions including spaced out synth bubbles and sharp lyrics meet rough recordings of drunk kids practicing in the studio. The lyrical aspect makes it a super intense listen! On the B-side Bongo Man serves us his ever magical eclectic mix of sweet world music. He is a true missionary of the good times dance floor and this mix again shows his ability in guiding us through diverse styles in a smooth & suprising flow. African no wave, ecstatic Congolaise guitars, obscure dub pearls and more rarely heard sounds!

Summer Mixtape - DJ Cool Brocoli

Summer Mixtape - DJ Bongo Man

2 commentaires:

  1. Helloooo...
    I was wondering what the name of the first track is on Bongo Man's mix. I love it!

  2. hi Christian! Sure: ROBO ARIGO - Them Crazy. You'll find the full LP here: http://m-u-s-i-c-c-i-t-y.blogspot.com/2010/06/robo-arigo-sexy-thing.html